Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To hell in a handbasket. No, wait. To Maui Brewing Company in a Mini Cooper. Better.

Tonight is officially girl's night, and it is the first in a long LONG time and I am, well, pretty damned excited.

Let me rephrase that.

I Am Pretty Damn Excited.

And because I finally got my act together and sold the car, I went right out and bought a Mini Cooper. Tonight is the inaugural ride of the girls in the Cooper. And so, I sat down and thought about places I would like to go, that would involve a long drive. So that we could really wind the Henny (my Cooper) up and let 'er rip.

Since I live on a pretty small island, with very few, well, very few roads at options were limited. So I decided we would just go as far as we could. Kahana is just about the end of the road, so that is where we are headed. And our plan, once we get there, is to hit the Maui Brewing Company for some beer (1 each - let's keep it safe.......and cheap) some food some catching up. And celebrating. Celebrate being together, living in a cool place, driving a cool car, having jobs, and the future. Because that thing I mentioned forever ago might actually finally be happening. Maybe.

It is going to involve a lot of encouragement from my friends, and a lot of support. Which means I'm not telling This Guy.

So wheeeeeeeeee ! We're off !

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