Thursday, October 22, 2009

The dogs and the accessories they require

When we adopted the dog, and then the second dog, I was pretty clear on the expense involved in keeping them safe, securely contained in the yard, well fed and providing day to day care, and comfortable with the "unknown" risk in terms of expense and time involved.

And then I went from theoretical dog ownership to actually having animals living in my yard, riding in my car, and destroying....well.......everything they touch, pretty much. And the bills began to mount.

We started with one.

And he was terribly lonely. I could sit and hold him 24 hours a day and he would still whimper for attention.

So we got the second dog, and literally all hell broke loose.

This second dog is still a puppy, and he does thing like eat entire shrubs and shit under the porch and jump onto the patio table. ONTO the table. As in, I walk around the corner and he is sitting up there, with a candle coming out of his butt.

So yesterday I bought something that may make my life a bit easier, and allow me to keep the beasts with me in the car more often.

I bought a cargo pad, and a pet barrier for behind the back seats.

An unexpected expense, but one that I bellieve will make us all happier in the long run, and may prevent the complete destruction of the interior of the SUV that the dogs adore riding in so desperately.

But they will never, ever, ever ever ever know the joy of my Mini Cooper. Ever.

Just saying. Because I may have shocked everyone I know by getting a dog, and then a second, simultanous dog...but you will never see these dogs in my house, or my car, or my bed or my sofa. They will never eat off my plate, or drink out of my water bottle. I have boundaries, and the good sense to know that if, for even an instant, these beautiful eyes get the better of me, it will be a long, slow decent into hell. With dogbreath.

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