Saturday, July 24, 2010

Feeding the beast

I was reading some blogs last night, and realized that MOST bloggers I follow are posting pictures of their beautiful, well-organized, and very clean homes. And then I saw my post and thought......"huh."

At least you know you can count on me to keep it real. I may not inspire you to great heights vis a vis home design and organization, but damned if I don't make you feel better about your housekeeping? AM I RIGHT?

I do try, though. I like my house to look nice, I like to have pretty, interesting and well-designed things. But, I live on an island - and while we do have plenty of shopping here, it really is very limited, and pretty much everyone has seen it all. Hard to find things that are really unique - even the imported beautiful handmade things are still, well...........pretty common in these parts.

So when I go to the mainland, I am always blown away by all of the STUFF that is available. I swear to god, if I lived near a Target I would be there every damn day. There is a trifecta of retail: Trader Joes, IKEA, and Target - and without fail I visit each of these establishments MULTIPLE TIMES during our trips home. Is that weird? Whatever. I'm not ashamed.

This last trip, I feel in love with a dishrack - the kind that you put your wet dishes on to dry. Yeah, I know. I have issues. But this dish rack was awesome. So I bought it, and boxed it up, and paid $25 to check it in at the airport, and fly that damn thing back to Maui. For that amount of effort, you would think that it washed the damned dishes FOR ME and then put them away. But I didn't care. It was true love. The fact that it didn't actually fit in my sink, the fact that I already had a perfectly servicable dish rack, these things? They did not matter. I was enraptured.

By a dish rack.

Shut the fuck up.

ANYWAY I got the dish rack home to Maui, wedged it into my sink, and blissed out for a few days. Oh, the features of this dishrack are many. I am in love. It is perfect. And I would never be able to find anything like this HERE. Content in my satisfaction, I was taken completely by surprise when I went to the mall and found.........

.............a huge, gleaming display fucking dish rack that I had just paid $25 to bring back from the mainland.

The funny thing is, I bought the dishrack, but held off on the espresso machine I need for my bathroom espresso bar. And it turns out, there are no espresso machines - at least no decent ones - available on island. I walked through Target and Starbucks and Macy's and about 25 other places that sell all manner of espresso machines (I was in SEATTLE, after all) but each time I would shake my head and say "I'll wait until I get home, and buy one there. Wouldn't want to have to check any boxes in at the airport. You know, that costs $25!"

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