Saturday, September 12, 2009

11 years of hotness

Today is my wedding anniversary.

Eleven years, ladies and gentlemen. This man has put up with my shit for eleven years.

And what better way to celebrate then back-to-back trips to the urgent care clinic for IV fluids, and pain and anti-nausea meds ? I mean really...right ? Super Romantic. Hot. Sexy.

So yeah, this anniversary is only a slight improvement over last year, when I had to have surgery. So thankfully, we had the bar set very, very low.

Tonight I am going to enjoy another anti-nausea suppository before our candlelight dinner, and if everything goes smoothly (as in, I don't throw up or collapse like yesterday) we should be having a nice little evening.

The restaurant has a sign posted saying "No Outside Food". I hope they don't mean saltines, because I'm bringing mine.

No baby, I love YOU more.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. At least you made an attempt to DO SOMETHING. More than I can say for ours a few weeks ago...