Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gone Baby Gone

I am taking a few days away - not a dramatic reaction to the trauma of yesterday but merely a few days of time with just me and the family.

Because I have been down with this fucking flu, it is hard for me to sort out whether I am upset because I don't feel well, or because of a series of slight misunderstandings and small differences of opinion, or......more than that.

Good god I hope it's not more than that.

It can't be, right ?

I mean, it's nothing. I'm sure.
A bump. A hiccup.
A time to reconnect and reorganize and reprioritize.

It's time. In fact, it's overdue. Obviously.

I have spent the day sitting here like Goldilocks, wondering who ate my porridge and sat in my chair. And no one had better have fucking slept in my bed, is all I'm saying.

You know what I'm saying ?

I am usually very confident in my marriage, in my role in our family and in our life together.
And the fact that I am questioning anything is GOOD. There is just nothing worse then taking things for granted. So a little shake-up is good. Healthy.

Just a little one though. That's all.

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