Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hiding in the hotel room with pills and the minibar

In the effort to have some quality time as a family, we are staying at a hotel for the weekend. We had a lovely family dinner last night where I only had to threaten my children a handful of times, so that was just fabulous.

And I remembered to bring everything I needed except for shoes, so poor POOR me I had to go buy a pair (or two) en route to the resort.

I even brought a pillow, to avoid the migraine-inducing hotel pillows. What is it about pillows that are not my own ? I can't stand them, and they all make my neck hurt, which inevitably leads to a migraine. So I brought my own pillow. But I had to sleep sitting up anyway, because of this stupid STUPID cough that is just not going away.

And I am getting a migraine ANYWAY. Fuck.

HOWEVER Sami, in an effort to be helpful, and because he has known me long enough now to think ahead, brought along 9 different bottles of pills in our toiletry kit, "just in case". So I have my migraine meds, my muscle relaxer for the neck spasm that leads to the migraine, the anti-inflammatory for the inflammation stemming from the spasm, and then just a selection of antibiotics and cough syrup.

I love this man.

If there was anything that was going to bring us back together, and help us reconnect, it is my husband remembering to bring my pharmaceuticals. All of them.

Luckily, our toiletry kit - purchased by my mother who ALSO knows me very well - is the size of a small suitcase. So, plenty of room for all of my pills, heat packs, menthol patches, and every other damn thing I am petrified to travel without.

So I am here in the hotel room (deluxe ocean view, thankyouverymuch) looking at the, um, deluxe ocean view, and taking my medications and sitting in the air-conditioned shadows. In a moment I will return to my husband's side, where I will lie under an umbrella and thank him for remembering my meds by letting him apply lotion to my legs.

I know, I am the best.

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