Monday, June 29, 2009

A day in the life - in photos. Part 5. I think.

OK, I think I was just going to do this for a week, but because I totally crapped out mid-week, I feel as though I have not fulfilled my commitment to my 15 faithful readers.

And thus, I continue to bring you Photos. Of. My. Life.

Yesterday was just your average Sunday. I ran to the grocery, and took a picture of some neighbors crossing the street:

Go ahead, take a closer look. I'll wait.

A little background for my Mainland friends: I live in a small town on the slope of a dormant volcano, at about 2500 feet elevation. We have amazing views, gorgeous sunsets, and cowboys. It turns out, cowboys are hotter then even FIREMEN which I can tell you will make my friend Vibes very happy to hear, since she has recently relocated to Texas. Vibes has an affinity for Big City firemen (NYC firefighters in particular) and they are few and far between in the wide open spaces of Texas. No worries, girlfriend - You are going to be Just. Fine.

Of course, the women in this photo are not COWBOYS, they are just going about their business in town. Our town has hitching posts. Because of the cowboys.

I know. (sigh) Dreamy.

This week is the lead-up to a very exciting annual event - the rodeo. The rodeo in our town is HUGE. Huger then huge. We have a parade, we have parties, there are explosives and animals and rodeo clowns running everywhere. We pull out our cowboy boots and get down and dirty. With cowboys. (sigh)

So, this is shaping up to pretty much be the best weekend ever. Muscle Relaxers + heavy partying + cowboys = fun.

However, in addition to the cowboys (sigh) there is also some very serious rocking out involved. Yesterday was our first foray into the rock.

That right there ? That's Erin Smith and the Throwdowns. The only thing better then rocking out, is rocking out to a chick in a cocktail dress and heels with her hair in a french twist and a flower behind her ear.


It's pretty much downhill after you have rocked with The Throwdowns. Unless you are rocking with this dude.....

....which I am in about 4 hours so I gotta go find my doc martens and a flannel shirt. I told you this week was some serious shit.

Later Gater.

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