Saturday, June 27, 2009

We interrupt regular scheduled programming

Hi there. Yes, I noticed too ! No new posts since Wednesday ?! What the hell ?

So, here's what happened (you're going to laugh !)

I totally pulled a muscle (or several muscles) in my shoulder and neck, which rendered me miserable, and led to my taking various muscle relaxers and pain killers and other natural remedies popular here in the islands in an attempt to make it all just go away because who has TIME for this bullshit but nothing worked, and it got worse, but of course I kept working at the restaurant (because waiting tables and carrying heavy trays is the best thing for a strained shoulder dontcha know. FEEL the burn.) and eventually I found myself completely immobilized. For real.

Hahahahahahaha. Hilarious.

Not really.

So I am here today courtesy of a really AWESOME shot in the ass (literally - I finally went to see a doctor this morning when I was unable to get out of bed and they gave me a shot of Tordol so that I could turn my head without dry heaving from the pain) but I am definitely not up for doing a whole entry of photos of my life, because since Wednesday my life has been fuzzy at best, and involved hugging the toilet at worst. A little short on photo ops, but my toilet is *spotless*.

HOWEVER I did manage to snap a photo in our local grocery store: Mana Foods. Mana is legendary on Maui, as the greatest grocery store on island. And photos of the inside of the store are (according to the employee who stopped me from taking them) NOT ENCOURAGED. But I didn't need any encouragement. I was inspired by a Japanese tourist with multiple cameras hanging from her neck, who was photographing everything in the store. I saw her and I thought "what a great idea - I should *totally* take a picture of the kids in Mana ! We are here every damn day !" So I pulled out my handy dandy point n shoot and started pointing and shooting (photos people, I am talking about photos).

Though, considering the way the staff reacted in the store, I might as well have been aiming an uzi.

Since we do literally shop in this store 5 days a week, and the reaction to my photo-taking freaked me out just a little bit, I went and found my favorite manager at Mana, and asked what the fuss was about. I guess this is a pretty common thing that stores don't allow photos - something about competitors and spying and a whole bunch of stuff that obviously had nothing to do with me taking pictures of my kids, and then she said it was no big deal that I had taken a picture.....this time.

So, alrighty then ! First time, last time !

Without further ado, here is my totally contraband, not encouraged, taken without permission photo of the inside of Mana Foods. And my kids. This is an Adventures in Paradise EXCLUSIVE and I will not be surprised if posting this photo gets me in all kinds of trouble, but what the hell. You're worth it.

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