Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo Blogging - Eddie Vedder is my marital exclusion

Listen. If you came here to see pictures of me breaking my wedding vows with Eddie Vedder, you are going to be disappointed. Not as disappointed as ME because I would love to be a part of that sort of photo op - but disappointed nonetheless. Because despite Eddie's title as "My Celebrity Marital Exclusion" from the very beginning of my marriage, I have once again let the opportunity to track down Eddie and make a man out of him slip through my fingers. He keeps talking about loving his wife and kids during the show. Such a buzzkill, that kind of talk.

Luckily, I am conveniently married to someone (Dare I say it ? Why yes I do) even better. No groupies required, he's all mine and he won't be going on tour any time soon. He came home from the show totally pumped, very inspired, and sat right down and started to play. Hotness. (I typed "hotmess" at first, which is also applicable, as it had been a long night by the time I took this photo.)

The first thing I have to confess is I was a total dork and followed the "no camera, no phones" rule they had posted, and sent explicit emails to ticketholders explaining. Because I did not want to get my extremely expensive replacement phone seized, I dutifully left MY recording devices in the car. Idiot.

I was literally the ONLY PERSON in the hall who did not take photos of the second curtain call. Fuck Me I felt like a total fool.

So this is the first and last photo from the show - me sitting in the parking lot:

Without photos and video to back me up, you are going to have to take my word for it......the show was AMAZING. The opening act was Liam Finn and Eliza Jane. They are so incredibly kick ass. Listen to their songs Second Chance and Lead Balloon, and just hang out for about 2 minutes of pretty and then HOLY SHIT turn your speakers down (unless you want to destroy them) and hold on.

Then Eddie took the stage. Eddie, and 5 or 6 different guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, and various recording devices for looping. It was mind blowing.

Yeah, I love Pearl Jam. This was no Pearl Jam - it was pure Eddie. His musicianship is a perfect blend of talent and reality - you can sit back and just enjoy, and not be thinking "how the hell did he do THAT ?" or get distracted by lights and background crap. Just a man and his music. It's very straightforward. A guy who knows and loves music, with a lot of natural talent and years of performing under his belt. He can chat and tell stories, play originals and covers, invite other musicians on stage, interact with the audience, and make you feel as though you are hanging out with your friends and jamming. If we could have been enjoying a bottle of cab and/or a smoke, it would have been perfect. But it was close enough.

And there was plenty of time for that outside the venue.

So when we got home, I had the munchies, and decided I needed a Jalepeno Chedder Bratwurst right away.

It was so yummy. Perfect food when you are looking for a post-concert nosh.

While that cooked, Sami took a photo of my new shirt - the only souvenir we bought. We almost got into a fistfight trying to procure this little baby, and I had to actually restrain my (usually very mellow) husband from punching a very angry woman who had an equally angry (female) date. I explained to Sami that those two women were going to KILL HIM if he didn't shut up and let them go first. So he did. It was a weird situation to find ourselves in, because on Maui, people just don't pull that kind of shit. We had been literally the first people standing at the booth waiting for them to open so I could grab a shirt before we ate. And while we stood there leaning against a pillar, some more people came up and stood next to us, and then more people lined up behind them and suddenly there was a HUGE LINE and we were standing NEXT to it, even though we had been there first. Weird. So when they opened, the line rushed forward and people started screaming that we were cutting. It was so bizarre. we had been there for so long, it didn't occur to us that there would be an issue.

We were sadly mistaken.

BUT I did score a shirt, which I am very pleased about. Isn't it so cute ? Viva La Eddie !

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