Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday meme

So I went to this site called Sunday Stealing which I found on Derfina's blog

And that is as much history as you need to move on to the actual meme.

Sunday Stealing: The Random Question Meme

1. How old do you look?
Younger then I feel, that's for damn sure. I don't know, I better ask my boss (I am at the cafe blogging today, with a bottomless cup of coffee to help me along....)
Willow says I look . Hm.

2. Where do you live?
In Hawaii. Yeah, it's pretty cool.

3. Are you waiting for something?
A refill on my coffee, a call from the pediatrician, a trip to the farm this afternoon....

4. What’s one pet peeve of yours that is not common?
Because I am vaguely unpredictable and/or irrational, I have so many it is hard to choose just one.

5. Do you want/have kids?
Got 'em. All set with that.

6. Have you ever thought about converting your religion?
I think I have to find a religion before I can convert, right ???

7. Last shocking news you heard?
Well, I got some unsettling news earlier in the week (see post Guys Who Leave) but for now, all drama is on hold.

8. What was the last thing you drank?
A bloody mary. 10 minutes ago. Blogging is challenging right now. I like a challenge.

9. Who do you most look like in your family?
When I am with my mother, everyone says I look like her. Same with my paternal grandmother. And people used to say I looked like my dad, before the crazy old-man eyebrows took over his face.......hard to tell now that practically his whole entire face is covered with hair.

10. If you could have something right now, anything, what would it be?
More coffee.....WILLOW WHERE ARE YOU.

11. Where does most of your family live?
North East USA

12. Where did you grow up?
See above.

13. Where do you want to go on vacation?
Right now I am just trying to get us to Seattle for the weekend, but my list of dream destinations include the Maldives, Tahiti, Fiji, and Europe. All of it.

14. Have you ever had a panic attack?
Yes. I seem to have gotten them under control, thank god.

15. What can’t you wait for?
Financial solvency.....anyone willing to sponsor a family in Hawaii?

16. When’s the last time you told someone you loved him or her and meant it?
I am not sure if it was husband or kids.....I tell them all frequently.

17. Have your parents ever smoked pot?

18. Want someone back in your life?
If they aren't in my life, there is a reason.

19. What do you order at the bar?
Besides Bloody Marys ? A nice porter or stout, or a margarita, blended no salt, or a rum and coke. Jack Daniels treated me SO wrong he is off the menu.

20. When was the last time you cried really, really hard?
Hm. It was about 2 weeks ago. I can't really think about it without getting all pissed off. Let's just say it involved a birthday/Valentine's gift gone terribly wrong.

21. Ever licked someone’s cheek?
Um. Maybe ?

22. What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
Actually, I just like it sraight up.

23. Where were you on July 4th, 2008?
Massachusetts ! At the parade in Duxbury. It Was Awesome.

24. What are your nicknames?
Sis, Frisbie, Nessa, mama.

25. If you could go back in time, how far back would you go?
All the way, baby. No, not really. I don't I have to ? I like it here.


Mimi Lenox said...

First time here. I like your blog. Great answers on Sunday Stealing. You live in Hawaii? That is VERY cool.

derfina said...

Ha! This shows you how far behind being sick got me! *smooches*