Sunday, March 8, 2009

It better get better

I am very angry right now. Angry, and disappointed, and frustrated. And mad.

Oooooooooh I'm mad.
Which is different then angry, because "angry" sounds like there is reasonable and rational thought involved (which there is). But there is also that totally pissed off, fists clenched stewing in silence MADNESS where you are thinking mean thoughts and possibly muttering obscenities. Or yelling them. Whatever. Your call.

Sometimes, in a relationship where there is shared money, things Come Up. Someone spends money that doesn't really exist, for example. Like, when they go to the ATM and take money out, without checking the checkbook. The thought process of "checks that haven't cleared yet" just doesn't exist for some of us. (ahem) But that isn't the issue here. At least, not in this PARTICULAR situation.

Instead, a joint credit card is involved. And a gift that was well-intentioned but a terrible lapse in judgement. It was Just Plain Wrong. Terribly wrong. Nothing right about it, except the intention. Yes, yes, I get it. *Someone* meant well. And NO that doesn't make it OK. And YES I am still going to be mad. Because we have been down this road (or one that looks remarkably similar) several times before. I recognize the area. The landmarks are familiar to me.

And so, I will sit here, seriously PISSED OFF until *someone* resolves the issue. Which is not *someone's* strong suit. So *someone* will be feeling the frosty winter chill of my deep freeze until they have fixed this HUGE GIGANTIC FUCK UP. And from the looks of it, it's going to be a long, hard winter.

Until the day when this glaring mis-step has been corrected, I will not be going anywhere - which is completely due to the enormity of the credit card-powered fuck up. I really can't do much of anything. Except sit here. Waiting. And glaring. And ignoring. And muttering.
It should be fun for everyone, dontcha think ?

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LM said...

Not going anywhere? not here?