Monday, March 2, 2009

Know when to fold 'em

Las tnight, just as I drifted off into deep, peaceful, restful sleep - I heard a cough in the bathroom. Now, based on my experience of last week when Lucy coughed and then threw up all over the house for 8 hours, I responded as though someone had stuck me with a cattle prod. Up and out of bed and halfway down the hall in one swift motion. If it had been an Olympic event, I would have taken the gold. I rounded the corner into Max's room, where the lights were all on. Sami was standing there surveying the carnage and turning green.

Let's just say (to keep this as vague as possible) Max had an upset tummy, and there was quite a mess. And smell.

And since this was a redux of last week (which I sheilded you from because it was so incredibly awful) I had a clear plan in my head - one I formulated as I washed every item in Lucy's room 3 times last week trying to clean up after her vomitfest.

I looked at Sami and said "put it all on the porch - we'll deal with it later."

Once Max's room had been decontaminated, the porch door opened and the ceiling fan fired up, it was a lot more bearable. We made the executive decision to simply throw everything away that had been affected by the evenings festivities. Before you chide me for being wasteful, let me share one teeny tiny detail.

Max had eaten a lot of fresh, ripe red strawberries for dessert. Everything was stained so terribly that really, it wouldn't have recovered.

So, everything got thrown away in one swift move, and we congratulated ourselves on re-starting the trash service last month. We were all back in bed in under half an hour, though the dog was so worked up he took a while to settle back down. I mean after all, there was excitement, and people, and lights ! We were up ! Lets go for a WALK !

The GDD was bitterly disappointed.

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derfina said...

Must be something going around-I'm with Max today! Just be glad you're in a nice warm place where you CAN open the door to air out-this cold weather is for the...ducks.