Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cool contests and more......

So since I have an unlisted, so under the radar that reading it makes you a total insider (and super cool) blog, I am never tapped to try stuff out, or give stuff away, or promote know, except myself.

So I have to live vicariously through other blogs.

First - Meanest Mom is giving away a whole ton of stuff here

Second - Mike Adamick just donated one of his custom Recession Owls to this cause - it works like a raffle, read the post at that link, and decide for yourself if this is a cause you would buy a raffle ticket for.

Third - my brother and sister (in law, technically, but whatever, she's my sister) is having a big sale at their Hobocampcrafts etsy shop - and they have the coolest fabrics - so if you don't win Mike's Recession Owl, you can buy some cool fabric and make your own !

And a quick update on baby.....there was a new nurse today when I called for an update, and she informed me that I was not on her list, and that the only name and phone number she had was (you guessed it) the social worker for CPS. Due to privacy laws, she could not disclose the results of any testing, or tell me when baby might be released. I explained that since I was the person who was actually PICKING UP baby from hospital upon release, and the only person who would answer the phone over the weekend, that she might want to clear up the confusion, before baby got sent home with his bio parents who did not have custody. Suffice to say, she took down my name and number. If I wasn't so glad for another night's sleep, I would be insulted and on the phone yelling at people about the fact that MY signature was on their permission to treat and privacy policy paperwork. But on the other hand.....I know baby is safe where he is, and I will sleep another night in blissful, uninterrupted, deep, REM sleep. Ahhhhhhhhh. And the hospital can continue to leave what I am sure will be ever-increasingly desperate messages on the social worker's voicemail at CPS, and wait for the callback that will never, ever come on a weekend. And maybe not even on Monday. Ah, bureaucracy. Sometimes, it's not so bad.

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derfina said...

It is GOOD to be a supercool insider!