Monday, March 9, 2009

Drama in pediatrics


I was going to go into this long-winded post about, well, everything....but you know what?

I'm calling bullshit.

As a foster parent, I really do have to live by someone else's rules. It's about using my best judgement, of course....but when you are using YOUR judgement about someone ELSE'S kid, well - there is risk involved in that. What if (GOD FORBID) something happened. Which is why you always play it safe. Always always always.

Which is why, this afternoon, after having Baby back in my care for about 4 hours, I called the pediatrician and told them that this was definitely not a good idea.

I am not going into details, because at this point, it's all just too ridiculous to recount.

But let's just say that the major chip on my shoulder from yesterday fell off and shattered in the face of such outragous bullshit.

I caused quite a stir in Pediatrics, offended the attending physician, got my social worker all stirred up in my tempest, and then fled the scene, forgetting to leave the baby's medications. Again. God, I suck. Trust me I do. The doctor even said so, when he suggested that maybe I wasn't competent to care for such a medically fragile child. Well, DUH. I am not a nurse, or a doctor, or a physician's assistant. I didn't even take a college level biology class for god's sake. I took SURVEY OF CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS. IN HIGH SCHOOL. 18 YEARS AGO. So yeah, probably I am totally unqualified. But sadly, I am the most qualified candidate, and I am doing my damndest.

Let's change the subject, I'm getting all riled up again.

In other's still cold and rainy. I wanted to go to Seattle next week, but frankly I got plenty of Seattle going on RIGHT HERE BABY. I just need to get me some funky black plastic frames for my glasses, and some Doc Martens, and I'll be ready to roll. So the fact that the aforementioned drama has limited my ability to buy planefare is less frustrating - I can close my eyes and pretend. Well, sort of. If only I had AnthropologieTargetTraderJoesandIkea my life would be semi-complete.

Oh, how I miss AnthropologieTargetTraderJoesandIkea. (sigh)

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