Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pizzle, my nizzle

We have a dog - Boston. AKA GDD (Goddamned Dog). Our dog, unfortunately, would be categorized as a "chewer" and a "digger". He is, in fact, many different things - some cute, some not. Housebroken is not one of them.

So, when it rains, Boston hangs out on our covered porch - but not in the house. Which makes him very sad. And he whimpers, and whines, and chews on things to express his loneliness and displeasure with his station in life.

This morning, he ate my welcome mat.

So I sent Sami off to the Feed and Farm supply store, to find something ELSE for the GDD to chew on besides my home accents.

He came home with an assortment of bones and chewy things - one of which was a "Pizzle Stick". I asked him what in the hell a pizzle stick was. I read the ingredients, which consisted of two words: Bull Pizzle. Sounded ominous.

Sami said he wondered the same thing, and when he got to the register he had in fact asked the salesperson that very question - what is Pizzle ?

The clerk looked around, then leaned in and told him in no uncertain terms, mano a mano, what Pizzle is.

"Dick. It's dick."

Then he helpfully asked if Sami would like a bag, to carry his pizzle more discreetly, I guess.

"No need" said Sami cheerfully. "It's wrapped in plastic for my comfort and protection !"

Turns out, Boston *really* likes Pizzle.

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derfina said...

The shizzle, you say?

Oh, my. That is making use of the WHOLE animal.