Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shiny Happy People Laughing

Drama ? What drama ? Whatever could you be referring to ? (ahem)

In the words of Old School (why the random movie references ? I have no idea....go with it) I have a nice little Saturday planned.

This morning I am babysitting - because I am a glutton for punishment and/or completely flat broke from giving up all my waitressing shifts to take care of Baby. With Baby in the hospital, I have the ability to work, but the desire to lie around in my sweatpants and turn off the phone for a week - or two.

So, baby sitting it is. And then, with some cash in my pocket, I am taking the kids and the GDD (goddamned dog) to a park to run around. Only, I have to find a park where it isn't raining. The island is looking pretty socked in, so I am not feeling terribly optimistic about my chances of finding a dry spot. But I'm Thinking Positive. And then, we are going to come home and have a nap. This evening, we are going to the cafe for dinner, and to watch Sami's band playing. The kids are excited, I am just thrilled that our evening won't involve lugging an oxygen tank around.

I also need to sort out the kids clothes (fits, doesn't fit, hideous, torn to shreds) in preparation for our yard sale, which I plan to have just as soon as it stops RAINING. At this point, I am going to start waking up in the morning, opening the curtains, and peering out. No rain? I'll kick Sami out of bed and start throwing stuff out in the yard with some signs. Because seriously, we have been ready for weeks, and every Saturday has been rainy - or threatening rain with dark clouds and lots of wind. Not promising for a successful yardsale.

I am also using this opportunity to clean. Parts of the house still smell vaguely like puke, which is a real bummer. I suspect some curtains or hidden corners may have been splashed with the projectile action we had going on over here last week...and I gotta get that in check. Short of washing every pillow, cushion, rug and curtain in the house, I am going on sniff patrol. If my gag reflex flares, I will spray the entire area with Lysol, say a prayer, then attack the suspicious region with fervor, Mrs Myers, and a scrubby sponge.

So, yeah, I got stuff to do. Enough to keep me busy while I wait (and wait and wait) for the hospital to call and tell me I can bring Baby V home.

Paradise indeed.

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derfina said...

I think it's something about today-it is raining EVERYWHERE!