Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's 10am, and I am still in my robe

This morning, I got the baby out of his bassinet, and as I was holding him and fixing a bottle, he soaked through his diaper, and I had to strip him down and give him a bath (which is - trust me - no easy feat).

As I cleared away all of the pee-soaked clothes and blankets and threw them in the wash, I also threw in our comforter which needed a wash - patting myself in the back for thinking of it.

45 minutes later I practically SKIPPED into the laundry room to retrieve my fresh and clean comforter.

Alas and Alack.

I discovered, as I unwound the down-filled cotton, that there was something *stuck* to it. All over it. Little beads of something. Something sort of sticky. Something gel-like. Something that was suspiciously reminicent of OH FUCK ME I WASHED THE DIRTY DIAPER.

Yeah. I did that.

Which is why it took me until 11:30am to leave the house, rush through my errands, and cruise back to rescue Lucy from The Boys and head out for our official and much-anticipated Girls Night Out. In case you were wondering, this involved going to both Ross AND Walmart, and buying multiple pairs of rubber shoes. Yeah, you read that right.

Then we went to the cafe, met up with Lucy's best pal, and had a lucious dinner of noodles. We arrived home for Lucy's first-ever sleepover in high spirits, only to be confronted by an ashen big brother. "I don't feel good." "You don't LOOK good."

Motrin motrin motrin, fast forward to this morning, Max still feels like crap, and at 4:30 am Lucy's sleeping-over-friend's mommy arrives at our house from work (our house is closer then theirs at the moment and when working back to back shifts is the convenient place to come between times). Mom-of-friend is bleary and ready to crash on the couch for a few hours before her next shift. I am working the nebulizer when she arrives, and we forget about sleeping and take turns playing pass the baby and talking about life and how it sucks. Baby is choking and wheezing, and his oxygen saturation is dropping, and I am off to the ER with sick baby, leaving my sick big baby at home. He needed me too. I felt guilty. We made it home 5 hours later, big boy still really sick - with fever to match - and little brother feeling *much* better.

So, long story short, life is still a challenge. I have not gotten my groove. But still, there are things to be grateful for.

Baby is NOT sick.
Max feels better with Motrin.
Sami installed an exhaust vent over my stove, and now I can fry away to my hearts content. Today, fresh from the ER, I came racing in the door ready to make meatballs and test out it's venting power. It is powerful indeed. Ah, the power of suck.

Whether it's a new kitchen vent or washing a diaper, the power of suck is a force to be reckoned with.

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derfina said...

Oh my goodness! *blushes* NOW I understand your comment! *smooches*