Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little note

It's still Thursday here, a cold and rainy night. I feel badly for the dog. Really. I feel terribly guilty, and wish I could bring him inside but he is FILTHY and covered in mud, and I just can't imagine even having one filthy dirty paw cross the threshold. He wouldn't be so cold and wet if he would GO IN THE DOGHOUSE. So really, I shouldn't feel this guilty. He has a perfectly huge doghouse - used to be Max's playhouse - that is actually LARGER then the bedroom I had in Boston lo and many years ago. Crazy dog.

Today was challenging in so many ways, and maybe wouldn't have been so difficult if I wasn't so exhausted all the time. Which is why I am writing this and then going straight to bed. Hopefully to sleep for a few solid hours before baby wakes for a bottle and a cuddle.

A bit about baby - he is doing amazingly well. He has gained a full pound since arriving in our home - doesn't sound like much, but when you weigh so little to begin with, a pound in 2 weeks is a big deal. His eyes are brighter, he is more alert, he coos and babbles and waves his hands around just like a REAL LIVE BOY. He also smiles, a grin so sideways and heartwrenching that it restores your faith in humanity. That someone so small, who has struggled so long and so hard just to draw a breath, who is on so many medications, and has defied the odds, and his situation.....he smiles. He finds things in his little world to smile about.

And if he can, then dammit so can I. And so can you. The world may be tumbling down around us, our finances may be in the toilet, our jobs may be in jeopardy.....but there is always SOMETHING to smile about. Find it, and hold tight.

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derfina said...

AMEN!!! My cup is overflowing and I'm grinnin' like a possum eatin' briars!