Thursday, October 2, 2008

Photos of the County Fair

Memories, like the corner of my mind.....
Misty, water-colored MEHHMMMMMories,
oftheway we weeerrrrrreeeee.
Scattered PICtures - taken by me, at the Maui County Fair, on opening day.

I only took a few because I spent most of the time chasing someone, looking for someone, calling someone, eating, or hugging people I hadn't seen in ages.

It was as dirty and crowded and loud as I anticipated. We ate a lot of sugar, and spent $20 for the kids to ride on 2 rides of their choice. Yes, really. $5 a ride.

As I prophesized, Max did not do any homework. And of course, the teacher has 2 TESTS scheduled for tomorrow - the one day of his whole LIFE that he was up late on a school night, for a school-sanctioned activity (it was on the SCHOOL CALENDAR for crying out loud !) and his teacher has scheduled 2 important tests - his spelling, and his math - both tomorrow. I am quite certain we were not the only kids from his school at the fair tonight, because this was the night that the school kids who walked in the parade would get in free. And god help me, the parade was almost 2 hours long. THAT is a lot of school kids.

Without further ado - the photos.

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