Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take two

If you have tried to call recently, I apologize. I have turned off the phones. I just can't talk right now, and I would rather not sit around whining about how I feel. As blase as I am about the actual operation a few weeks from now, the symptoms necessitating the surgery are not something I will ever become accustomed to. I have been down this road a time or twelve, and the discomfort is all too familiar. I am tired of thinking about it and dealing with it, quite frankly. But really, it all comes down to this - I just feel like shit.

The most important thing is that I know, with complete certainty, that as soon as I am released from the clinic post-op, and get a few days rest, I am going to feel fabulous ! So I am focusing on that, burrowing deep under my covers with my beloved king-sized heating pad and my laptop, meditating the pain away. If I take the time to do this, to just retreat and focus and heal, I will come through this entire chapter so much more smoothly.

In the meantime, I'm going to write. Every damn day. Even if it is just a haiku about the lint on my pillow, or a memorial to the glasswear my husband keeps shattering on the kitchen floor as he "helps out" around the house, or a rant about the bastard who stole the plastic shell around the side mirror of my car on the passenger side (Dude, seriously ? That is just so fucked up.)

Whatever I am thinking about, chances are it is going to end up here - stream of consciousness style. And with the supply of narcotics and sleeping pills I have on hand (oh Trippy and Terms, how you would be enjoying this) my only hope is that these writings will be vaguely coherent. You can let me know if it gets a little Alice in Wonderland over here. I always said I had a grin like a cheshire cat. Just pass the hooka and everything is gonna be alright.

With enough medication (prescription or otherwise) anyone can be cheerful - here's a perfect illustration of that fact.

And for a giggle, read about the adventures of my friend's husband - featured on today. He was filming an indy flick in MA, and they were shooting a scene in a convenience store. The scene depicted a hold up. You know where I am going with this, don't you? The drector, or producer, or whoever, neglected to notify the local police that there was a fictional crime taking place, with fake guns and actors.... So when the 911 call came in reporting the robbery in progress, the blue lights were on the scene in moments. Thank god no one was shot. Make sure to check out the video.

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