Saturday, August 23, 2008

My husband - rock star style

I'll bet you didn't realize I was married to one of the best bass players EVER. You can't be surprised if you have known me for any length of time. First, because this is the 3rd (4th) dark haired fine looking bass playing man who has stolen my heart. To quote my favorite collegiate bumper sticker, "bass players do it with rhythm". I come by this proclivity honestly, my mother has been known to send demure, admiring glances in the direction of dark haired bass players in her past....but I am such an overachiever, sultry glances weren't going to do it for me - I had to marry one, keep it in the family so to speak.

But if you didn't know about my perilous romantic history, still, it would be hard to miss the guitars hanging from my living room wall, and the amps behind the armchair..... He's got a lot of gear, for sure - and we have a small house, so it's hard to miss. But I think it gives our little cottage a "rock and roll" feel (or at least, that is what I tell myself.) "Oh no, it's not saying college dorm at all - it's saying professional musician lives here!"

Last night, he played at a local bar - they have an eclectic crowd in there, and it is great for people watching. And guessing how many times certain members of the crowd will have to powder their nose, if you know what I'm sayin. An interesting, classy mix of extremely cosmopolitan and well spoken music lovers will not be found at this particular establishment. The owner of the bar showed up drunk and demanded to play the guitar in the middle of the set with a buddy, so Sami and the lead guitarist handed over their instruments and the real show began. I don't know if either of these men actually had any musical skills - but if they did, they were not on display this night. They were barely upright, incoherent, and then they decided that the instruments were out of tune and started to adjust them (you know, to be helpful).

But still, it was great to see Sam on stage again, he is really an excellent musician, and has the whole long-haired rock star look going for him. He also has his share of, ahem, femail fans. But I have that situation well in hand, I do believe. The only reason to wear underwear is to throw it onstage.

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