Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Alone

Well, not really ALONE per se - that really doesn't happen very often at all. But the kids are sleeping, and Sami is at rehearsal. I had the most incredible tasting menu tonight at Ko - the new restaurant at the Kea Lani. It was SO YUMMY, and so nice to be with my co-workers, who I don't see very often anymore now that McCoy is a "virtual" office. So, we had a great meal, lots of drinks, lots of spirited conversation - especially about the presidential election and the Sex in the City movie (did I mention the conversation was incredibly random ? Yeah, it really was.) We have very die-hard republican who works for the agency, and i was just WAITING to ask him how he felt about McCains choice of a running mate. As expected, this very conservative man was not pleased. Not pleased at all. I was almost giddy in my glee. Really practically rubbing my hands together and cackling, just to see his response.

I am not going to get political here, just as I prefer not to get too preachy or mushy - in this blog or in life - but I just have to stop and say HA HA HA. Because even ultra-feminist me thinks that ANY parent with a four month old baby (never mind one with downs syndrome which I imagine can bring some extra challenges to the already challenging job of parenting) is rested enough to be vice president. (never mind her foreign policy experience) And no offense here, but McCain is an OLD DUDE and my GOD if anything happened to him a mom with a new baby and 4 other kids (one of whom is going to be serving in Iraq) and relatively little political experience, would be running the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. No, I just don't think so. I mean, I think having a mom in the white house would be AWESOME because god knows no one could run this country like a mom - but it seems like maybe we could get a candidate with a little less going on at home ? Or at least, one who's children all sleep through the night ? Because I know that for the first two years of parenthood, I was EXHAUSTED and barely able to keep up with the laundry. Never mind trying to keep up with running a country. I mean, there were days when I totally forgot to check my email for god's sake !

So anyway, that is my two cents. At first, I saw the headlines and thought "That wiley old bastard" but then I thought about it, and read some more about her, and realized he was a crazy old coot. Kind of like my dad - but he is definitely not running for president. He's way too high for that sort of nonsense.

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Robin said...

Good for you for calling it like you see it. I made a very similar comment on a message board and got reamed for being anti-women's rights. Completely ignoring the part where I said that NO parent, mother OR father, of a child that age had any business disappearing into something as all-consuming as a presidential campaign.