Saturday, August 30, 2008

Motivation - it's my middle name

No, not really. My middle name is Frisbie, and that is a conversation for another time.

But today the kids really threw their hearts into being incredibly loud, incredibly early in the morning. So I got them out of the house, and we walked over to the farmer's market in town and bought some fresh Ahi. On the way home, I called Becky, and she and the fam will be over later for dinner. The house is sort-of clean, so of course, I am parked on my butt, recovering from the morning that started with a 2 mile walk in the ever-increasing heat, continued on to Yoga, then marathon errands for 3 hours. I am freaking exhausted. And I don't have a 4 month old. Sorry. I just had to put that in there.

I am thinking that I will take a shower, and some of the herbs the acupuncturist gave my for the pain, because they do seem to help, and I can't be tripping balls on my prescriptions with company coming - I'll set the house on fire while cooking dinner, or something.

Before I take off - I need to sing the praises of my hot and uber-skilled husband, who replaced the rotted floorboards this morning while I was drowning in downward dog. I love this man. And he's hot. Wait, did I already say that?

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