Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh dear, is my over-sharing light on again?

My mother can't stand to read my blog. It's too personal, she said. You reveal too much, she fussed. You never know who's reading it, she worried.

I'm not worried.

I started writing to vent and to exercise discipline. I wanted to find out - could I write on a regular basis, and come up with something relatively interesting to say?

Well........I can write regularly anyway. Whether it is interesting or not, is not for me to say.
But what is for me to say, is what I choose to write about.

And I write about my life - not to relive it, but to remember it. And more importantly, so that other people who are not here with me, can also be a part of it. It's not about telling my side of the story, but more about letting people - that would be you - get a peek into my head. Because I am willing to bet that some of the things I write about, whether it is my son struggling in school or my husband checking out the temperature of my ass or my family causing a scene in Walmart, or me quitting a job I loved because I felt like I had to, or deciding to try something new and crazy like roller derby - you can relate to it.

At least, I hope I am not alone. Maybe I am just fooling myself, and no one can relate to any of this, and you are all reading and shaking your heads and tut-tutting and thinking "That poor girl." You would follow me on google or share the link, but then people might know that you read this sort of trash.

And we really can't have that, now....can we?

So that's fine. I'll be your guilty pleasure. No hookers or scandals or lurid headlines....but I'll try to come up with something, and simultaneously avoid jail time. I'm going to Oahu with the Rollergirls this weekend - I better bring my laptop.


qandlequeen said...

Stopping by to wish you a happy new year!

kay said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog. I have to admit it is a very good read. Whether or not someone thinks you are over sharing or not...that is horribly subjective. I laughed and while you have experiences that I cannot necessarily relate to (kids and roller derby, and Hawaii), I still feel the key component, a real person, writing what is on her mind. Your perspective makes me smile, and while it is understandable for your mum to cringe when she reads your blog, well, that is her job. :)

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Even though I can't relate directly to the subject matter, I find your blog to be enjoyable and well written. You have a entertaining and accessible writing style. Sometimes, you are funny as hell.