Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Aloha Friday - take off your pants.

Today is the first Friday of the rest of my life Fridays.

Today, my husband and I had the entire morning to ourselves.

"We'll lie in bed" we said dreamily "and eat Doritos and that orange cheese dip, and split a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Just like the old days."

"We'll nap" I enthused. "We could watch a movie" my husband suggested.

"No pants" we both agreed.

So needless to say, we had big plans.

They did not come anywhere close to fruition.

First of all, my pants stayed on the whole day. Well, I wore a skirt, but you know what I'm getting at here.

Second of all, our son was reading a poem he wrote during morning meeting at school. So the first hour of No Pants Friday was spent in a classroom. With our pants on.

When we finally got home, we realized that we had forgotten to buy the snacks. We had to go to 2 grocery stores to find my desired flavor of Ben and Jerry's (Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, if you must know.) And yes, we did go to 2 grocery stores and still forget to buy Doritos. Sad but true.

By the time we got back to the house, both of our phones were ringing and beeping, voicemails, emails, texts. We went to go see a car that is for sale. (LOVED IT, btw. It needs a little work, like reattaching the steering wheel, but you know, that's just a DETAIL.) We came back to the house and ate some lunch. And when we looked at the clock, we had exactly 30 minutes left before we had to pick up the kids at school. And my trial shift at the restaurant started in an hour. So basically, the entire day was a bust, except for the last 15 minutes that we spent lying on the couch fully dressed trying to nap but afraid to fall asleep and be late to get the kids.

"Next week" my husband declared "I am buying the doritos and ice cream on Thursday night".
"Yes" I agreed, nodding solemnly. "And next week we won't hang out at the school for an hour."
"Great" he said, heading out the door to get the kids. "Next week is going to be great."

And then I looked over at the calendar and saw that next Friday we are going on a field trip with 40 pre-schoolers at 8:45am.

But the Friday AFTER THAT is going to be epic.

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