Thursday, April 15, 2010

I might as well just pierce my nose while I'm at it

Today has been one of those days that was just filled with obligations and comitments and responsibilities - none of which I was the least bit interested in.

Which is why instead of going to the chiropractors in my sweatpants and then spending the day sleeping and drinking lots of water and hoping my headache would go away, I was all dolled up in a little cardigan and jeans and cowboy boots, trudging through town running errands, driving back and forth down some seriously rutted country roads, dragging the dogs out of the front yard that they are bound and determined to destroy, babysitting making dinner, paying bills, and oh yeah - remembering to actually eat something at about 2pm. I thought I had a little tummy ache but it turns out I just hadn't eaten since last night. Huh. Go figure.

So now I am in bed getting ready to crash. The cellphone is firmly in the "off" position. Derby practice is out, muscle relaxers are innnnnnnn.

Today I hated being a grown up. I just wanted to lie around and have a fucking day to myself. I guess those days are over, and I am trying to accept that but SWEET JEEBUS I would love to just tune out for a day and eat doritos and ice cream and watch TV and nap.

So next week, when I sell the fancy grown up car and buy the beater Suburban we have been dreaming of, when I skate derby and sit at the bar drinking after my shift instead of rushing to the grocery store, and when I don't have to babysit or be anywhere between 9 and 1, I am going to break out ye olde  Doc Martens, pull on one of Sami's undershirts and a flannel, and lie around like it's 1999. When I used to do that sort of thing.

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