Monday, February 15, 2010

That? Did NOT go as planned.

I was so smug. Taking a day off, spending time together as a family. Spending the day at the beach, even. Chocolates. No errands. No chores. Just us.


I am guessing you aren't surprised. You are not at all surprised to hear that I did not go to the beach. That I did indeed go to Costco, and the mall, and Savers and the grocery store (yes, in addition to Costco).

I had the kids with me. My husband (my darling, wonderful, amazing, beloved, not to mention smoking hot husband) stayed at home, alone, and assembled a flagstone patio that has been unfinished for 2 or 3 years. After 2 or 3 years, he decided that THIS day, Valentine's Day, the one I had planned to spend lounging around in the sun without a care in the world, this day in particular was the *perfect* time to finally get around to finishing that patio.

It's a really nice fucking patio, I will give you that. And I am thrilled to have it done, I have to admit. (Well, almost close to done.)

And Costco, well....... they're closed tomorrow, see, because of President's Day. And we needed bread. And butter. And 2 pounds of triple cream brie, apparently, because I got that while I was there. And then there was the wine. It IS Valentine's Day, after all.

I didn't get any chocolate, which was a very serious oversight. I shall rectify that tomorrow when all of the Valentine's Day candy is on clearance. I am going STRAIGHT to See's Candy tomorrow, hoping that there will be a few heart-shaped items still on the shelves at significant discount.

I love See's Candy.

And after all of that, after a day that did Not. Go. As. Planned., I went to work. I was in good spirits, despite my decidedly un-relaxing, un-romantic day. (Although, really, the patio was a pretty romantic gesture, all things considered. It IS a nice patio.)

It was just the kind of night I like at the cafe - smooth, steady, with my lovely co-workers, who I can say with complete honesty that I adore. And Big Dave brought chocolates. Awwwwww. And Loke, she made truffles. Mmmmm.

And so another Valentine's Day slips through my fingers. Almost like the sand I didn't get to sit in today.
I'm not bitter.
Would you like a truffle ? Here, have one. They really do make everything better.

And Trippy, I love you too. Just so you know. xoxoxo

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