Friday, October 21, 2011

I like big trucks, how about you? Do you like trucks that dig wells too? And a contest where you can win stuff.

So I am heading off to Camp Mighty, and I am pretty damned excited about it.

The first thing I want to tell you about the camp is that we are all joining forces to raise money to buy one of these things:

I know. Awesome, right? And pretty? I think I'm in love. I want one for myownself. BUT FIRST we are going to send one to Ethiopia. Here's what I like about this: I am not giving someone money - I am buying them a tool. Something they can use, something that will benefit many, something that will change lives. Save lives.

I would be so grateful if you would contribute - the website makes it super easy to donate. And the best part? This rig is going to be equipped with a GPS so we can track it online and follow it's progress, watching this truck make a difference for so many people. And you can look at all of the towns, with their new wells, and you can know in your heart that you had a part in that. And that is amazing.

I think this may be the first of many amazing things that come out of this camp. I am really and truly excited to be a part of it - so excited that it is really hard to contain the dorky part of me that is internally making that hideous "squeeeee" noise. Okay, I made that noise one time, right after I got my plane ticket last week. I'm better now. I sent my mom the link to the camp and got an email back. It went something along the lines of "I don't really get it, but it sounds like it might be interesting". And you know what, I didn't really get it either. All I know is that I need to learn how to open a champagne bottle with a sabre, and I cannot believe I have gone this long without doing so. I also can't believe this is going to be my first sleepaway camp experience.

Wait, that's not true. I went to a daycamp once that culminated in a sleepover, where we slept in hammocks we had made and mine came untied in the middle of the night and I woke up face down in the dirt completely tangled up in what was essentially a fishing net.


So. This will be better. I am going to sleepaway camp in Palm Springs, with cocktails and an anti-gravity chamber. There will be hammocks, but someone else will have attached them in a more permanent fashion and they should stay up this time. And there is a knot tying class, so I can always reinforce the knot if I have concerns about the security of my hammock.

And mom, don't worry. There are no ponds in Palm Springs that I will be forced to swim in (even though the water is murky and the bottom is slimy and gross), and I won't write you any sad letters begging you to come get me. I swear.

Please, don't come get me.

But if you could send money, that would be great. Send it here:
And please, in the comments tell them Daffodil sent you.
Which leads me to the contest: I will draw the name of one person who makes a donation of any amount and tags it with my name in the comments. That person is going to get a very special just-for-you gift box from Maui. You know you want it. You must put my name in the comments to win.
Donating is easy. Walking miles for water is hard.
Thanks for your support. Contest ends 11/6/2011

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Elly said...

!! Jealous! I'm sure Camp Mighty will be brilliant :)