Friday, February 18, 2011

Facebook is the great equalizer

Daffodil is now facebooking. Wait. Is "facebooking" even a word?

I put off joining for years. I would write for websites and they would say "send us your facebook and twitter info" and I would reply with some version of "I haven't gotten around to that yet." But the truth is, that in my mind joining facebook is like that horrible dream I have of standing on the stage in junior high and nominating myself for student council. In this dream, one of two things can happen when they announce my name: A  roar can rise up from the crowd with everyone cheering and clapping and waving their handmade "Go All The Way with Daffodil" signs....or the sound of my name can result in sudden, extreme silence, broken only by a few giggles from the crowd and a veritable tumbleweed rolling through the auditorium.

So I joined facebook, and put the badge on my blog over there on the right-hand side over there, and for the first 12 hours no one liked me.
I was run over by the fucking tumbleweed rolling across my facebook page.

Since then, people have slowly been jumping on the bandwagon. But I am never going to beat the homecoming queen with good hair who we all know puts out on the first date, and who wants to win so badly that her mother made t-shirts for the entire school with her name on them.

I have to be okay with that.
But it is still hard, and weird, and awkward and embarrassing to put yourself out there and wait for people to respond.

What if you had a party and no one came?

Since there are literally BILLIONS of people on facebook, I am hoping that more people will join the revolution. And then everyone will know all about the terrible plight of turtles with herpes, and how to pee in public, and why I'm not allowed in Walmart with my children anymore. These are important life lessons.

In solidarity,

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