Sunday, February 20, 2011

EVERYONE loves a parade - but especially rollergirls. Whale Day Parade Photos 2011

If you have never been to Maui between the months of December and March, let me enlighten you:

We have a whale season.

I spent my childhood going on these horrific "whale watches" - usually off the coast of Massachusetts. In all of the years of going on those "whale watches", I never saw a single whale. Now, that may have been because we just didn't see any that day, or that may have been that because I was too busy puking into my foul weather gear (which is the best descriptive name for an article of clothing EVER).

Last week, we went on a whale watch that was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and we saw a "competition pod" of 8 male humpback whales that were literally circling around our boat, leaping out of the water, flapping their assorted fins, and chasing a girl. Because they are males, and they are mammals. Also, the sun was shining, it was 80 degrees, and no one was wearing rubber. In fact, we were barefoot and in bathingsuits. Wood's Hole can kiss my patootie.

I would show you pictures, but in my excitement to take pictures yesterday, I cleared my memory card. And erased the whale pictures.

I know.

But if you follow me on twitter (daffodilblog) a few of them might still be on my feed.

You really can't blame me - I was excited to take pictures yesterday because our whale season is so awesome we have a festival to celebrate it - and one huge party called Whale Day, which kicks off with a parade. And I can assure you, the Maui Rollergirls are big, BIG lovers of parades, pageantry, and excessive costuming with remarkably little actual clothing. Now, this parade is unique for a couple of reasons.

1. It started on time. On Maui. I know.
2. The parade route is short, and is located about 25 feet from the ocean.
3. The theme is always about whales. This year it was "Be Whale Aware" or something like that.

And let me tell you something. Everyone who saw our entry is now EXTREMELY whale aware. We decided to focus on whale safety. The kids (and a rollergirl) made cardboard boats which they attached to bikes and then rode in circles around a "whale" that was fashioned from a classic (and I am taking a wild guess here - '68?) Volvo that was painted a flat whale-like gray.

With a trusty skipper at the wheel, the tailgate open, and a cardboard tail attached that bobbed gently in the breeze, the children raced around getting too close and then (in a few instances) getting whacked in the side of the head with a fluke. Another rollergirl skated along in a bikini (natch) carelessly throwing trash behind her, only to have it scooped up and returned to her with a citation or threat. The rest of the participants wore orange safety vests, safety goggles, and carried enormous signs depicting the mighty humpback, and also signs cautioning all of us to keep our distance.
And by default, because I actually had a policeman's cap and a jumpsuit that vaguely reembled a uniform (do you really have to ask?) I was the traffic cop. The Maui Police Department were very kind, and allowed me to make a total ass of myself. Which is nothing unusual.

We were a spectacle, but then again we almost always are. The rest of the photos can be seen here on my facebook page. Yes that's right, I am calling you out on twitter AND facebook today.
Make it happen.

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