Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sleep is for the weak

It's Friday again.


This weekend is going to be insane, in a good and beautiful way but still..........insane.

And I can't help but feel like I am in way over my head.
Let me paint you a picture.
Here on the island, lots of people have scooters. And this week I have noticed people having an overly-optimistic sense of what their scooters are capable of. Yesterday I saw these two guys on the back of some sort of scooter-type thing. These guys were ENORMOUS. You literally could not see the scooter because it was absolutely and completely covered in big men. It was like one of them had a set of wheels coming out of his ass (a very SMALL set of wheels) and the other guy was just hanging on to him for dear life. I can't actually believe they were staying upright, so taxed was the motor on that thing. They were moving - at the very most - 5 miles an hour. They were leaning forward as if to encourage the scooter to keep going.

I feel like that scooter. Only without the big dudes on top. But still. Daunting.

This weekend I will be on every side of the island, at every elevation, drunk for a good part of it, and working two shifts. (I won't be drunk for those, of course. Silly.) I have a birthday party, a going away party, and a bunch of other partying going on. I have hired two baby sitters and filled both gas tanks. I have recharged my cell phone and packed a toothbrush and clean underwear. I changed the sheets on the bed and did the laundry. I bought another bottle of Advil.

I am ready. You should get ready too - I am going to have a lot to tell you later.
If you don't hear from me by Monday afternoon for GODS SAKE bring more Advil.

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Jan said...

I have read your blog for ages, but have never taken the time to post a comment and let you know how much I enjoy it. Sometimes, I actually laugh out loud..a rarity, given the economy and numerous other downers here on the mainland. I once lived in HI and miss it enormously. Reading your blog is a nice visit, not only to the island, but to a chaotic life in general:-)!! Hang in there and keep sharing!