Monday, June 14, 2010

What, again?

While I have been without the internets I have been quietly tapping away on Wordpad, saving a bit here and there. I didn't want you to miss a moment.

Now I am in a crowded coffeeshop huddled over a too-small table while my children fight over a game of tic tac toe and I attempt to post all of the little bits and bobs I have been squirreling away. See how much I care?

2 full days in a beautiful city apartment with downstairs neighbors has driven me to drink. I wish I could say that after 9 years of parenting, I would be a little more laid back about my kids and small spaces - but I'm not. In fact, I think that as they are getting older (and louder and heavier and more capable of really STOMPING around and making some fucking noise) I am getting more uptight. My jaw has become locked in this clenched position, through which I can hiss threats of immediate extinction - because by the time my son has thrown himself down face first on the air mattress in the 100th attempt to (as far as I can figure) POP IT, I am about ready to throw him out these gorgeous 6 foot windows and onto the street below. Let's see you bounce off THAT, buster.

But at the same time, in between bouts of being THE MOST OBNOXIOUS CHILDREN ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET come the moments of absolute sweetness, where my daughter snuggles up next to me in the booth as I finish up half a pitcher of sangria (that I needed in order to get through the rest of our day without crying - hey, don't judge, it's got FRUIT in it and shit) and asks me sweetly if we can go home and cuddle because she would like to take a nice rest. Or when my son offers to carry a bag because "that looks awfully heavy mama, and I am very strong you know." Those are the moments when I relax and enjoy being with them and introducing them to people and I don't cringe at the thought if having them in someone else's home for more then 5 minutes.

It is as though their survival instinct kicks in, and they know that if they don't get it together and behave like the lovely children that I raised, that I might just leave them on the floor under the booth THAT I TOLD THEM TO GET OUT FROM UNDER RIGHT THIS DAMN MINUTE. (deep breath)More sangria please.

Sweet Jesus this is going to be the longest summer vacation ever.

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