Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hurty Feelings

You know those days when you try to call friends and no one answers the phone? Or you have a day to yourself but no one to spend it with? Or when you send an email asking a question - a question who's response means more then you or the recipient might realize - and you get no response?

You know those days?

I have been experiencing them lately - more then I am comfortable admitting. It is as though sometime, recently, everyone learned that I was a ASSHOLE and they are trying to politely distance themselves.

People who were all texting/emailing/calling/planning are now strangely silent.

I am hoping that it is all in my head (it's crowded in there, I would imagine).
After all, people are busy and I am suddenly Much Less Busy - which leaves me more time for earnest emails and voicemails, and more time to think about how people are not responding.

And to get all paranoid and angst-y. Much ado about nothing, I hope.
Plus, I just found 3 emails and a text I never responded to. So it turns out, I'm the asshole - Just As I SUSPECTED..

Would you like to have lunch?

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Liz K. Culbert xo said...

I keep thinking of responses I think are funny but then I type it and realize they might cause you to burst into tears. Like "Sounds like you need a job, or a baby, or something!". But I don't mean it like that. I actually felt jelous in the first bit "when you try to call your friends..." (Do you think I still have any?) "Or a day to yourself.".. (Huh?) "Someone sends an e-mail".. Do people still send those unless they are missing a package you spend $40 sending to Australia? Hang in there (picture of cute monkey on blue backdrop hanging from tree branch inserted here). I'd love to have lunch, everyday, with you.