Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Maggie Mason wrote a book on blogging called "No One Cares What You Had For Lunch".

Maggie Mason should not read this entry, because I am talking about fooooooood.

Today I went out and bought non-essential foodstuffs, and then I ate them. And it was good.

I bought 3 pounds of organic apples, and avocados from a local family. I bought soppressata and mozzarella and two kinds of yogurt. I bought fancy salad dressing and organic gelato.

And then I came home and started to eat. Avocado and tuna on whole grain toast. Mozzarella wrapped with soppressata and basil, on fresh tomato slices. Sandy Beach gelato, which involved peanut butter and coconut candy and graham crackers and HEAVEN. I continued to hammer away at the red velvet cake.

And I made gravy. I am linking to a recipe that outlines a technique because I am unwilling to share my personal recipe with anyone I have not raised from infancy. It's a family thing. Or should I say "famiglia".

And tonight I sat down on my ever-widening ass, and enjoyed myself. The gravy was a 6 hour process, and it was worth every second of time I invested in it. Do not rush gravy. That is all.

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