Thursday, April 2, 2009

This spring break can eat me. Yeah, I said it.


You know, a spring vacation can mean many things..... travel (check) seeing family (check) relaxing at home (check) catching up on your reading (check) going out on a weeknight and not wrrying about bedtime (check).

It can also mean drinking a gallon of milk a day (check) begging for happy meals morning noon and night (check) whining about being bored (check) asking to have ridiculous amounts of things, of questionable quality and need, purchased for you (check) and going back to schol just in time to get Friday off (check)

And for me, it also meant waking up at 4:47 this morning to the sound of someone throwing up. Perhaps you are thinking "man, she needs a new topic, someone is always puking at her house." And, you would be right. Someone IS always puking at my house. And today, that very special blessing was bestowed on my husband.


So, in addition to 2 very bored kids, I also have a miserable husband and a pissy dog (who got hit by a car on Tuesday but MAN that is a whole 'nother post, and suffice to say he's fine and still running in the road like an idiot so don't worry about him. GDD.)


This vacation can just wrap up ANY OLD TIME NOW and that would be cool.

Thank god, tomorrow I go back to work. Whew. Not a moment too soon, I am down to $6 and a bad attitude.

I will be back later to blow sunshine up your ass and regale you with tales of dogs and kids and husbands and FUN TIMES. But not today.

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