Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Eagle has Landed

Baby has come home.

I am sleep deprived, emotional, and enthralled by this miraculous being, who weighed less then a pound at birth and managed to survive despite some incredible obstacles. I am a very proud foster mama.

We have spent the past few days getting into a routine of sorts. I wake up early, but instead of getting on line, I run the nebulizer while a bottle warms on the counter. Then, just before feeding (which, due to a few of the many medical complications is a process in and of itelf) I measure and dispense 5 different medications to address more of the medical complications. And then, after the feeding, we run the nebulizer again, with a different medication in it. Then change the diaper before I run around like a lunatic trying to get everyone to school.

This "getting to school" is suddenly a lot more complicated. I have to switch baby to portable oxygen, get everyone in the car - with oxygen tank, carseat, diaper bag and baby - and get out the door by 7:30-ish. Hah. Needless to say, I am still in my pajamas.

Once I get back home, baby is sleeping, and I have time to check email and make a few calls for one if my OTHER jobs. Then we run the neb, feed, change, and maybe try to run an errand, or get to a doctor's appointment.

Around lunchtime we feed, medicate, change, nebulize and run some laundry. If I am very lucky, I get a nap in.

Mid afternoon it's time for another neb, and we pick up the big kids. Then it's time for a feeding, and homework, and a neb.

By 5pm, I am mixing a new batch of formula (which has to be thickened and has very specific measurements of formula powder, thickener and water) I am also pulling out the meds for the dinner time dose, and basically I run an exact repeat of the morning - 5 meds, 2 treatments, bottle of formula, clean pants. By 5:45pm I am out the door to the restaurant, where I have started working nights so that I can be home with baby during the day. I leave baby pretty much ready for bed, dinner on the stove (or at least read to be cooked in the fridge) and I get back home in time for hte next neb treatment, before I crawl into bed.

It makes for a full day, but not just full of responsibility - full of love and joy and the feeling that we are making a difference in one small life. The kids take turns holding bottles and nebulizer wands, and the baby sleeps a lot which makes it easier to keep up with everything else. I managed to get the house somewhat under control this morning, it was very messy, with piles of clothes and medical supplies everywhere. Some supplies ave been safely stored in a suitcase in the corner of the living room - out of site but easy to access when needed. The laundry is almost caught up, and luckily I had the foresight to thoroughly clean the bathrooms before baby came home, so I can sort of "surface clean" until i get caught up on my precious sleep.

Speaking of which - it's nap time !

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