Monday, January 5, 2009

When the hell is this vacation going to be over


The State of Hawaii adopted a year-round school schedule.....which would be SWEET except it's a total pain in the ass to have the kids home for such long periods of time, several times during the year.

Max doesn't go back to school until sometime next week (Tuesday, I think) and I just don't know if I can take it. And then the following week, I think he has another day off for MLK day or something.....and then a few weeks after that MORE time off for something else......the whole thing is a hassle and I am annoyed. I like the concept of the year-round calendar, but the reality is tough to live with.

Moving on...... I am signing Lucy up for nursery school this week.
It's time.
I am kind of freaking out, because it is a lot of money.....but she is ready (more then ready) and I think she will really enjoy it, so......yep. School. I just have to come up with the money for the deposit. HAH !

IN other news.......Sami built a fence this weekend, for the dog that he didn't really want, but secretly takes pictures of at any opportunity. He finished everything but the gate - it is currently closed with a piece of plywood. Last night, the plywood blew down, the dog got out, and RAN RIGHT TO OUR BACK DOOR AND SAT THERE.

I love him.

When we didn't go get him (it's a long story, but we didn't go right out there - let's just say we had some ghosts and we were trying to get Lucy to go back to sleep in her own room) he took one of my slippers from the doormat, and went back into the fenced yard (stepping over the fallen plywood) and resumed his post under the house, eating my slipper.

I hate him.

But the fact is, he is awesome, and he loves car rides, and I think that when my baby goes off to school next week, he is going to keep me company. He'll be my sidekick (I just typed "sidelick" and almost left it like that on purpose. Freudian.)

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