Friday, January 2, 2009

Next stop, Crazytown

Today, Max was looking at his quarters. He has the complete set from each state, I think. And he just LOVES to look at them. And count them. And talk about them endlessly. Oh, he loves money. He loves to get it, he loves to spend it, he loves to think about things to buy, and how much money he needs to squirrel away to buy the things he wants......

So today, he was looking at his quarters. He was particularly taken with the Vermont quarter.
"Look Dad, it's the Vermont quarter ! You were born in Vermont !"

"No, I wasn't. I was born in Massachusetts."

"Oh. MOM was born in Vermont."

"No, man, mom was born in Connecticut."

"Oh. Was LUCY born in Vermont ?"

"Dude. Are you serious ? Lucy was born HERE. On Maui. Don't you REMEMBER ?"

"Oh. Right."

"Hey, Max. Where were YOU born ?"

And that is when Lucy had had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH. From the TV room her sweet little voice echoed down the hall:


Girlfriend, you have NO IDEA.


derfina said...

Sounds like Lucy is going to be one sharp cookie!

Anonymous said...

lu lu is the effing funniest kid E V E R that girls got spunk i tell ya she knows whats up