Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day worth celebrating

I am not going to get all negative about Bush. With a 22% approval rating, I think most people get it. However, Brittany has declared it "Get Rid of Bush" day, and I am duly making my waxing appointment right now, as directed.

But the joy I am feeling about Obama taking office ? Yeah, I'm going to talk about it. I reserved my judgement for a very long time. I did not jump on the Obama wagon right from the start. I was definitely in the "Any Democrat would be fine with me." contingent. I held off on supporting a specific candidate, because I was afraid. I was afraid to put my eggs in one basket, only to have them crushed. Again.

So I waited. I watched. I sent money to moveon.org. Because that was all I wanted to do - move on, and leave the Bush administration in our past.

And when Obama accepted the Democratic nomination, I rejoiced, and celebrated, and threw my wholehearted support behind him, and started sending money to his campaign. I wasn't afraid anymore. I couldn't hold back my enthusiasm. I hadn't dared to hope that our country, the country that had elected Bush two times, would actually nominate Obama, who was really the polar opposite in political ideology. But I had a glimpse of the future. And all I could do was hope. I could only hope that we would elect him president. And then, suddenly, they did, and I did, and we did. Together.

We did this together.

And this morning, my husband called me from work, because he couldn't contain his excitement. Our excitement.

I feel proud. I feel relieved. I feel energized. I feel united. I feel motivated. I feel inspired.

I feel HOPE.


Eli's Lids said...

I'm excited to have a president who can give a great speech!

Brittany said...

AMEN! I feel like this has been such a long process, but finally, it's a reality!