Friday, December 5, 2008

Rest Stops in Vermont are awesome.

I am at a rest stop somewhere south of Montpelier, and I am currently relaxing in the car enjoying free wi fi while my kids play in the snow.

I fucking love it here.

Last night we drove through a mini-snow squall and I turned on the brights so the kids could see the snow coming at the front of the car like in Star Wars. Then we found our way to a cabin in the woods, where Sami's cousin and her husband are raising two beautiful children, surrounded by trees and warmed by a woodstove. The house was so cozy and bright, the new baby so round and cuddly, and the little boy - just Lucy's age - so like my own in temperament and personality and energy....We stayed for a while, I cuddled the little dumpling, and the kids sat on the wide-planked wood floors that were about 200 years old, playing Memory and having long, drawn out pirate battles with swords and shields and gold and eye patches.... Then we headed back out in the snow - back to our antique-filled bed and breakfast. We called daddy before curling up and drifting off to sleep - snow gently falling outside.

Today we have learned how to make maple syrup - the real kind, not that Aunt Jemima corn syrup crap. And we went to a cool coffee shop to see an old friend from high school. And now we are on our way back to Massachusetts to visit the Eric Carle Museum (Eric Carle wrote the childrens books "The Very Hungry Caterpiller" and "Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See ?" among many others. His illustrations are breathtaking - a riot of colors, a kaleidoscope of patterns...I am so interested to learn about his process and inspirations - although as I look out on these rolling hills, and remember the incredible vibrancy of fall here in New England, I have a pretty good idea.....)

So today has been a rich full day already - with much more to come.

I had better go bring in the snow bunnies.....

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derfina said...

Some of my best childhood memories involve rest stops!