Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reasons why I love Leigh

This weekend, we have been staying with my friend Leigh. Leigh has known me since "my other life" as a teenager, and newlywed, in Vermont during my first marriage. it was not a great time in my life, and by far, Leigh is truly the best thing to come out of a very tumultuous year. We have stayed in touch for almost 15 years, through breakups and babies and marriages and moves.....and today I am sitting in her kitchen, listening to our daughters, born just 11 days apart, playing downstairs.

So I decided, in my quest to be actively THANKFUL this year, that I am going to try to make lists - yesterday it was all of the wonderful things we did (and memories we will have) of this trip to Seattle. Today, I am compiling a list of reasons why I love Leigh.

1. She set up my shower with Bumble and Bumble and Origins bath products. Oh, Leigh, how I love you.

2. She set up TWO queen sized beds to accommodate me and the fam, in our own space downstairs, with our own bathroom and access to a washer and dryer.

3. She insisted on picking us up at the airport at 11 pm in the freezing cold, so that we didn't need to rent a car.

4. She took me to both Target AND Trader Joes

5. She arranged for a car to take us to the airport in the morning.

6. She made reservations at my favorite restaurant for breakfast today.

7. She has humored my interest in strange and exotic foods.

8. Her house is freaking immaculate. She told me to ignore the mess, and I have no idea what mess she is talking about. I feel nothing but shame when I think about the condition of my house right now.

9. She has been gracious and considerate and understanding of over-tired kids with runny noses and jet lag. She has gone out of her way to make sure our stay is comfortable, and that we are entertained and fed and content. Including arranging to borrow a WII for Max.

10. She has married a lovely man (isn't it AWFUL when friends marry someone who is NOT lovely ? I am so thrilled that she has married this nice guy who welcomes people who are virtually strangers into his home, and keeps up a conversation, and even (BONUS !) plays WII with Max.

So, to sum up. Leigh is awesome, her children are beautiful and sweet, and her husband is a gem. Don't you wish you had a Leigh ? I am so glad I do. Love you !!!!!

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derfina said...

She sounds like a wonderful friend!