Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Watch out PETA


yesterday, while I was out shopping for SOMEONE ELSE ENTIRELY I SWEAR TO GOD I DIDN'T MEAN TO I bought myself a totally kick ass vest.

It's hot. It's cropped, and fitted, and flattering, and the colors are great, and oh yeah did I mention it is made of suede, with fur still attached. I am assuming, because of the price, that it is FAUX. However, it's hard to be sure. And if it ISN'T faux, I don't want to know about it.

I am not a raging animal rights activist - it's just that the idea of having the soft soft fur of a dead animal all snuggled up against my neck makes me kind of nauseous. Is that wrong? I happily wear leather, eat meat, drink milk, and basically am a vegan's worst nightmare. But this, this just seems kind of extreme. Is that hypocritical ? I have never owned anything that could ever be mistaken for fur. And now that I do, and I love it like I do, I am having a hard time.

If you had been there, if you had seen it, you would have said "Buy it. Buy it now. Don't even think about it. Just do it." And I heard you. And I bought it. Just for you. It will look fabulous in the New England winter. Stomping through NYC and D.C. and trekking all the way north through Vermont. I think I can wear this with both my new Crocs boots and my Stuart Weitzmans. How's that for efficient ?

And now, a brief commentary on Crocs - their practicality v.s. their appearance.

If you are a Croc hater, that is just fine - I can respect that, and I *know* they are ugly, and I Don't Care. They are what they are, and they do the job. I don't wear them out at night (and rarely during the day) I don't have a pair in every color, but I *AM* buying their winter boots with the detachable shearling lining.

Happily, and of my own free will.

They are so freaking comfortable and lightweight, I am putting their ugliness aside and embracing their utility - which is what Crocs are all about anyway. They are not a fashion statement - and if you think they are, or that people are only wearing them because they are trendy, then you are seriously misinformed. No one thinks they are attractive, but they are very practical. And for someone with a large, wide foot like mine, who spends most days on a tropical island with a lot of rain, they are a necessity. Do you have any idea what can grow inside a pair of rubber boots in this climate? Sometimes, practicality trumps beauty. Not often. And especially not when it comes to shoes. But in this particular situation, it does.

Ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way, we shall get back to my vest. Short f sending it to a lab for analysis, I have no idea how to figure out if it is really REAL or not. There is no tag that I can see. And real or faux, if someone throws red paint on this vest, I will take off my croc boot and beat the shit out of them so help me god.

The end.

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derfina said...

*imagines Croc boot bouncing off of PETAfreak's head* You big bad bully, you!