Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crock pot queen

Today, I am attempting to make indian food in my crockpot. I have absolutely no idea if this is going to work out. It is an experiment of the first order. I don't think it can kill anyone, and I doubt it will explode or catch fire, but really - anything is possible. I have just completed (I think) the dal (daal ? dahl ? Whatever, it's spiced lentils) The flavor is good, the consistency could use some work. It is pretty pasty and thick. Okeee dokee. On to the curry. Chicken, coconut milk, and...what else. Maybe some of the same spices I put in the dal ? Sure, why not, let's go with it. So now it just has to crock for a few more hours.....I'm feeling pretty optimistic that it will be at least edible.

Manu is still working on the wall - some of our neighbors came over to visit and see what he was doing. We have great neighbors - very friendly, very helpful, very nosy. We had housesitters once and forgot to warn our neighbors. Apparently there were some loud comments from over the fence and in the cul de sac about strangers driving our cars. As though we were in the trunk or something. I am sure they were only acting out of concern - so now I feel the need to send out a flyer every time we do ANYTHING, so that everyone is fully informed and feels included in the decision-making process. Even though I will continue to do whatever the hell I want. It's called "giving them what they want" people - and it works EVERY DAMN TIME.

In other news, I have a baby hanging with me today - he is super sweet and cuddly, and I just lay down with him and rubbed his back for all of 10 seconds and he fell asleep. Why the HELL didn't I have one of these easy sleepers ? WHY ???? It took him a while to settle down, but then, when he was ready, it was like I had knocked him out - he was just Lights Out. Now he is snoozing on my bed, and I am going to go sit with him so i don't worry about him falling or waking up alone. He probably wouldn't even be upset if he woke up and i wasn't there - he is THAT chill - but he WOULD get into Sami's night table, and we can't have that.....

MMMMMmmmmmm the curry smells good.
OK, off to cuddle with the bebe.

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derfina said...

Dinner sounds wonderful. What time shall I be there?