Saturday, October 4, 2008

A night out with the kids

Saturday was the first official day of Max's fall break. We have a year-round school calendar here, they start in mid-July, have a break in October, one over the new year, and another in the spring. The school year ends by the first week of June or so....

And in honor of the first day of the first vacation of the school year, we decided to celebrate, family style. Sami and I loaded up the kids, post-bath, in their jammies, and took them down to the Ryans. The kids camped out, we watched SNL, ate Funnyuns, and then put sleepy children in the car and headed home again. It was like date night, but without the sitter or the expense of a restaurant. In other words, right in our budget (except for the $10 worth of gas it'll probably take to get to their house and back - sigh).

And now it's Sunday. (insert monster truck announcer voice here: "Sunday Sunday Sunday" Is the reference too obscure ?) and that means bloodies and bennies at Moana. Whoot ! And after that celebration, god help me, we have a birthday party. Thank goodness it is at Marn's which means it will be HIGHLY entertaining with lots of costumes and excitement. I will be properly lubed up with bloody marys, and ready to party ! As my girlfriend Sarala told me yesterday: "I am so glad you are off those hormones and able to drink properly again." Hear hear and Amen sister.

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