Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last night, my daughter described my steaks on the grill as "exquisite".
Have I mentioned that she's three ?
Have I mentioned that I love her ?

Last night, my poor, sweet, infested boy stood for an hour with his head over the bathroom sink, having every last inch of scalp inspected, and every hair on his head de-loused, while he inspected the results floating in a tea tree death bath.
Have I mentioned that he thinks bugs are cool ?
Have I mentioned that I adore him ?

We had such an intense day yesterday - everyone basically fell into bed at 8:30, ready for a long night of sleep. It was a long and peaceful night. Until Lucy wet the bed. God Help Me, I have no idea what to do about that.

So I am back to laundry and cleaning and prepping the house and family for my 3 days of rest next week post-op. I have to go to Costco, I think. Urgh.

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