Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well there you have it

You shouldn't be surprised, you know. I mean, when did I say I was going to be writing in this blog every day ? Three days ago you say ? Oh.

I'm here, and I am all up in arms because I had to go to Radio Shack, and the sales people in that store skeeve me out. No, seriously. (((shudder))) And they see me coming and nail me for the stupid mommy, and try to sell me whatever is collecting dust on their shelf. Or something very low-tech, you know, so I don't get confused.

Despite their best efforts, I got the correct wireless router (which had been recommended to me by a techie at my office, thank god, because seriously, I had no idea what I was looking for - those guys at Radio Shack have me pegged) brought it home, set it up, and now my computers are BOTH connected to the internet again. Huzzah !

AND, in my other adventures, I was offered a job, and got a call offering me more work, and well, oh my gosh I might actually make some money ! Can you imagine ?! I know, it's pretty crazy stuff. I have been in the land of the self/unemployed for SO LONG that I am a little alarmed at the idea. We'll see how it all shakes out, but I have to force myself to get out of bed and move around a little bit - this will really help me in that department! I believe that it was karmic, as I gave two women a ride this morning during a downpour and I think that the gods smiled down on me and said "what a nice lady, let's get her a part time job that will allow for a lot of freedom and time with her kids !" And VOILA here we sit. Beautiful.

Let's see, what else....hm. Well, we got the last bag of veggie booty at Mana this morning, THAT was mind blowing, and Lucy announced it to every single person she saw on our way to the register. Seriously. Every. Person. "I got the last bag of veggie boody !" But she's cute, so they were all ooooohing and aaahhhhing and she was loving the attention. I think I remembered to get everything on my list, but I can't be sure because of course, I lost my list. Typical.

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