Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A nice little Wednesday

Today I had a busy BUSY day - both personal and professional.
I had to make some decisions today that were for the best, but didn't feel so deciding to cancel our annual anniversary party because I decided (with my doctor) to schedule a laparoscopy for early September.

I am not scared or nervous about the surgery - I think it is my 11th (?) and I am an old hand at that business.....but I am really bummed about cancelling the party. REALLY. BUMMED. We have such fun each year at that gathering, and it is so hard to decide not to celebrate like we usually do.

To make me feel better about the decision, I have made ANOTHER decision - to celebrate on New Years instead. So we are going ot have a huge New Year's bash, which I will plan accordingly, with plenty of horns and fireworks and music and food. It will be - dare I say it - even more fun then the usual drunken extravaganza.

So now we have to decide how to celebrate our anniversary - post-op, and without party. Sort of limits my options. Becky is going to take the kids overnight (YAHOOO!) but what is a mom to do on her wedding annversary if not pass out face first in someone's lap (2006, I think - sorry about that Shannon) or have a totally stoned priest come and bless the house, including the toilet.

No cops, no beach, no renewal of vows, no big buffet, no hookah, no cake, no sex.....I am going to have to get creative. But hey, that's why he married me. I always come up with something.

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