Thursday, August 28, 2008

A new low

So, I started my new job yesterday, and continued today. Trained (that means "work for free" in restaurant=speak) my ass off - bussing tables, entering other waitresses orders into the computer, running their food, cleaning - grunt work, that does not earn tips. What it does do, however, is bring on sudden heat exhaustion when you are already hot and dehydrated, and then get zonked with a massive hot flash.

It was spectacular.

I turned a gorgeous shade of purple, then puked (in the men's room, to add some dignity to the situation.)

Because I was indeed working for free, I decided to leave. Good call, huh ? Yeah, I thought so too. I tried to carry on, but the smell of fresh coffee grounds sent me reeling and I decided that perhaps the lunch shift was going to have to survive without me.

So I came home and climbed into the shower, where I sat in a heap under th water, scrubbing mindlessly at a spot on the tile and waiting to feel better. Then I curled up on my bed, and waited to feel better. I sipped some water, then some juice. I went and picked up the kids, and came to lie down some more, now with gatorade and good intentions.

I know, you must be *so* impressed. What a pussy. I am horrified by my own show of weakness. And now, back to my regularly scheduled rehydration.

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