Monday, November 19, 2012

A Mighty Good Time - with the photos to prove it #CampMighty FTW

Last year, I gathered up all of my courage, bought a ticket for Sarah so I couldn't back out at the last minute, and went to Camp Mighty. When I arrived, I was anxious and awkward and overwhelmed - and when I left, I was a strange mix of inspired and depressed. I felt as though I was so far from where I actually wanted to be in my life, that meeting any goals at all was just...impossible.

And then I put on my big girl panties, and decided to just go for it. Sarah was equally inspired. 
You guys? We totally did stuff this year. We changed our lives. And we did it because we made those life lists, and then went to Camp Mighty and told everyone about them. There was no avoiding it after that. 
Onward and upward.

When the passes went on sale for this year's Camp Mighty, I grabbed that brass ring. I was going back for more. Sarah got the same email and sent me a text: "Camp Mighty?" She was right there with me. We're a team, after all. And we still had plenty of living left on our life lists.

Thursday morning dawned (sort of) through the LA smog, and we picked up Dana and Amber and made our way (with plenty of pit stops) to Palm Springs. When we got there, it was........magical.

There were old friends, new friends, and the hot tub glowing in the darkness, steam rising up to the stars.

I fell into bed that night (and each night thereafter) pickled in every way. It was just lovely. We talked, we joked, we drank, we floated.

And then each morning, we got up to face the Great Big World out there.

There was even a rainbow to greet me my first day. Just like home.

But it wasn't all hot tubs and rainbows and pretty vistas. There was work to do. And inspiring people sharing their stories to make all of that work seem totally manageable.

I learned about seeing a need, and meeting it.
I learned about setting a goal, and reaching it.
I learned about making things and doing things.
I learned about being the best I can be, and letting everything else go.
I learned about being perfectly imperfect.

I learned not to be scared. Not to give up. 

People said things I really needed to hear. And I was grateful.

And there were presents.

And there were parties

And mornings after parties.

It went too fast, and it felt as though we had to say goodbye far too soon.
But I carry Camp Mighty with me all year long. My top 5 is right here in my wallet:

So I knew when I left I wasn't really saying "Goodbye". I'm just saying "See you later!"


Elly said...

Seriously, the more Go Mighty posts I see, the more I want to go. So glad you guys had a great time! :)

Leslie said...

It was great to see you and get to know you better in person! I got a great shot of you from the first breakfast. I'll let you know when it's posted. We are all struggling with same stuff, just so you know you are not alone. Just keep working towards the mountain and one day you will get there! xo