Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunny Sunday: Things I love - loungewear edition

A few weeks ago I was wandering through our little village with friends, and I found these pants hanging on a rack. Just.............hanging there.

They should have been in the front window with a spotlight pointed directly at them, or perhaps in the center of a beam of light straight from heaven. A choir of angels sang as I pulled them out and held them up to my cheek. SO soft. Sooooooo soft. Soooooffffftttttttt. MMMmmmmm. Oooooohhh. The salesgirl approached hesitantly. She didn't want to ruin what was obviously a moment. "Um, do you want to try those on?"


So I put them on and of course they were perfect and I never wanted to take them off. But really, buying high-end sweatpants? No. I cannot justify buying sweatpants at a boutique. That would be silly. Ridiculous. Decadent.

I went back and got them last week.

I had to have them. I couldn't live without them. I literally thought of them every day. EVERY DAY. Until at last, I succumbed to their siren song, scrounged up the money, and raced back to the store - giddy in my planned excess. And really, it was as wonderful as I knew it would be. But apparently, they are not suitable for every occasion. According to SOME PEOPLE. On Friday we were having a lunchdate, my darling and I. "Sami," I asked "should I wear a dress, or jeans, or these?" as I clutched my beloved sweatpants to my body, loathe to miss any opportunity that I might indulge. "Um, well. The short dress. I mean, I like the jeans, but....yeah, the short dress."

You will notice, of course, that my beloved made no mention of option number three.


I was afraid that the pants were not as magical as I thought (hoped?) they were. Perhaps only I could see the beam of golden light they were surrounded in. So I put on the dress, and went about my day. But then, THEN I came home. AND I PUT ON THESE PANTS. And at some point Sami came up behind me and I said "Do these not look as good as they feel?" And he was very appreciative. And I said "Get your grubby hands off my new sweatpants. Why must you grope?"

He explained: First, those are not sweatpants. Sweatpants don't look like that. Second, there are, apparently, different ways in which men appreciate beauty. Either they see it and want it and have to touch it or try it out............or they can appreciate it from a distance - like at a museum. No touchy-touchy. These pants are apparently not museum-quality. So you have been warned. Although the truckload of boys who hooted at my ass as I walked the dog yesterday may feel differently. You should check with them.

And as Sami mentioned, these sweatpants are not sweatpants at all. You should not use these for exercising or (shudder) sweating in. They are by Indah, the style is "OSO" and the color I got is "coco". The Indah site is loaded with flash so my crappy internet connection takes forever to load it - sorry, no links, you are on your own trying to find them online. For what it's worth, I bought mine at Pink by Nature in Makawao, and they had a few pairs left in very pale shell pink. I bought the last "coco" colored,  but the owner, Desiree, may be able to help you track down a pair if you are so inclined. I adore Desiree. But not as much as these pants. I fucking LOVE these pants.
(note the ray of light that they are always surrounded by)

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